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I walk with a cane at the competitive level. -A.J. Ptak

Following a Brain Cancer diagnosis, CNS Lymphoma (in remission) I had to walk with a cane after and during extensive rehabilitation. Walking with a cane in NYC has become my extreme sport and so I came up with the idea to combine extreme sports attitude with walking with a cane as motivation. This is the start of I use a specialty cane made by Sabi brand, the Sport Roam all terrain model. For my HD camera I currently use a Contour Roam 2 1080p model. I may try a Gopro or others as I experiment with this project in the future.I use a Google Chromebook. I wear Adidas shoes. I am open to sponsorship; I have high medical bills to pay, so feel free to contact me. I train at the YMCA, I also practice Qi gong and Aikido martial arts for balance. Thank you for your support. -Anthony Ptak